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Little Dippers   Curriculum 


What does a Little Dippers    Program look like?


Little Dippers     program involves a specifically curated curriculum geared to helping guide preschool providers with proper movements and techniques for their students to enhance their learning of the arts of dance and yoga. One of the main goals of the Little Dippers curriculum is to provide the ability of each preschool or daycare group to teach dance and yoga based classes without the need of bringing in additional outside experts. This model helps save on additional costs to daycare/preschool family, and minimizes the addition of having members of the community coming to their location.  Each Little Dipper class has both a weekly and monthly theme. Being an active subscription member your school will receive the detailed lesson plans and a highlight these goals each week to share with parents and caregivers. Our curriculum is straightforward and easy enough for anyone with minimal background in dance or yoga to understand and teach. We also provide customer service to help provide guidance for any questions that may arise. 


Little Dippers     Dance Program Content-


  • Warm Ups Consisting of Yoga, Songs and Creativity

  • Ballet Basics

  • Rhythmic Movement & Body Percussion

  • Music Education Basics

  • Locomotor Movements

  • Spacial Awareness and Patterns

  • Improvisation Exercises

  • Creative Movement

  • Acting Basics

  • Team Building Games and Exercises

  • Performance Dances (We have the option to create a holiday show, or special show of choice for subscription members yearly)


Ages and Class Duration-

12 month- 6 yr olds

Why Little Dippers      Program?


1) Little Dippers     Program is specifically designed for preschool and daycare programs.


2) The curriculum was designed with a focus onn dance pedagogy for children based off the Little Dippers   Dance Program. 


3) The Little Dippers      Program provides each school with optional two performances a year. No extra fees apply.



Why Dance Education is important for preschool students?


1) Dance education aids the development of kinesthetic intelligence.


2) Dance education creates opportunities for self-expression and communication within the body.


3)  Dance education teaches the values and skills of creativity, problem solving, risk taking, making judgments in the absence of rules, and higher-order thinking.


4) Dance provides an opportunity for students to recognize that there are multiple solutions to problems.


5) The study of dance fosters an individual’s ability to better interpret interpersonal nonverbal communication.


6) Through stimulating all the senses, dance extends past verbal language by engaging dancers and promoting the development of multi-sensory beings.


7) Dance education helps students develop physical fitness, appreciation of the body, concern for sound health practices, and effective stress management approaches.


8) Dance education encourages teamwork, socialization, and an understanding of individual and group spatial relationships.









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